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Disco Ball Hanging Plant Pot in Blush


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We've found some stock in the back of the warehouse and there are 8 of the limited release Blush Disco Planters. 

We are selling them at our original (not on sale) price of $89 as they will never be again!

Peach Pops Disco Ball Hanging Plant Pot in Blush for indoor and outdoor plant pots. Perfect for hanging pots for balcony and indoor. These 25cm Disco Ball plant hangers reflect mirror light for an everyday disco feel. Hang somewhere sunny for full effect.

Our new Blush ball is pinker than the rose gold and deeper in colour.

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  • 25cm diameter
  • 15 cm top opening
  • 40cm chain
  • Lightweight ball covered in mirrored Pieces
  • Rounded bottom, planter must be hung 
  • Drainage Plate for root protection
  • S hook for hanging
  • Indoor and outdoor use. Best kept undercover. Perfect for balconies.
  • Hang in a sunny position for gorgeous light reflection
  • Can plant directly into the planter or use a 15cm or smaller pot
  • Hang in a sunny position for gorgeous light reflection
  • Will hold up to 9kg comfortably.
  • Handmade individually placed mirror pieces.

* The shipping box does have the name of the product on the box. Please let us know if you are shipping as a present and we will hide it in a satchel. Sorry we can't offer xmas wrapping (we tried but the posties weren't very kind to it).

Please note, the disco hanging planter does not have Drainage. The drainage plate will protect the roots from sitting in water. For succulents, use ceramsite on the bottom and nutrient soil.
For indoor plants add soil directly and water sparingly, or spray with water.

Plant not Included.

Great plant ideas for the Disco Planter are Devils Ivy, Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Heartleaf Philodendron. Flowers and Herbs are also a fun option.

Peach Pops is an independent label created by friends and neighbours Sim & Sarah. Based in Sydney, Australia we ship our custom and curated festival wear worldwide. Sim creates our custom range by hand with love in our Sydney Studio in beautiful Bronte Beach.