Sim & Sar, next door neighbours, friends & business partners

Sim and Sarah Timeline

2018 saw the beginning of Peach Pops. It came about as Sim was looking for a career change from being a makeup artist. Not knowing what she could do next, during a conversation with a friend he said why not see if anyone would buy the hats you make for Burning Man. So I gave it a crack.

Sim started making a collection and then selling via markets at music festivals. Slowly Peach Pops started to gain some recognition.

2019 the era of Sarah. After Sarah moved next door, they quickly became friends and 6 months later business partners.

It was a scarily good match as both skill sets were so complimentary to the business and yet totally opposite. This is where Sarah was able to take the business to the next level by putting Peach Pops online and using her digital marketing background to drive the business

Of Course the Era of Sarah also saw the era of covid. With no festivals to sell at and no one shopping to attend said non-existent festivals we were looking for something else. An idea that Sim had had a while ago popped up again and seemed a good time to try it.

Sim came up with the idea of the Disco planter after finding things around the house that looked good covered in mirror pieces - mainly her pot plants and wellies. Then came the idea to make it the real disco ball shape. We did some research and at the time there was no one selling them. After lots of trial and error and improvements on every lot we made we came up with what we think is perfection.We loved the idea and decided to go all in on it.

2021 the era of the Disco Planter and hopefully the return of Peach Pops to music festivals

Keep it Peachy xx

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